How to Join a Zoom Webinar

I host webinars with a site called “Zoom”. Zoom is free and you can use any web browser, as well as a mobile device or desktop. 

Zoom webinars are fantastic ways to tune in and learn personally from experts all over the world. Of course, I’m so honored you’re able to tune in with me!

If you’re new to Zoom - do this first:

Use a mobile device or desktop to download the Zoom app from their Download Center. It’s simple and takes only a minute or so. 

If you’d like, you can even try a “test meeting” to familiarize yourself with Zoom.

“Meeting ID” = How you’ll join my webinar

When you signed up for a webinar with me, you will receive something called a “meeting ID” from me. You will also receive a link with a meeting ID. It should look something like this: 

Join Zoom Meeting: https:// /j/123456789 (*This is an example, not a real meeting ID.*)

I usually send this information on the day-of the webinar, but sometimes I also send an email immediately after you sign up. Save this email until the webinar start time. If you somehow lose it or need me to send another link, just email me at [email protected]

Pro-tip: Make sure you identify your time zone! It would be sad to miss out if you’re not on Mountain Standard Time (MST) like I am! Now put a reminder for the webinar’s start time in your calendar.

On the day-of: How to join in!

1.) Find your saved email and click the "Join Zoom Meeting" link shortly before the start time. (It's OK if you join late - it'll just take a moment to download access.)

2.) Click our meeting link.

3.) Click "Join With Computer Audio". 

You're all set! Enjoy the webinar!

I teach about grief, loss, art, and creative self-care. If you want to join my most current webinar, visit here.