Life is messy. It's full of loss, grief, healing,

and (for me) learning to express it all through art.

When I was twelve years old, my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack.

I lost 2 more family members shortly afterward. Numb and depressed, I struggled to understand and express my grief for many years afterward, and art was sometimes my only outlet for grief. 

I graduated from Washington State University with a thesis on "Cultural Expressions of Grief Through Art", which was published in an online journal that same year. Since then, I have spoken at multiple conferences nationwide and led grief art workshops throughout the Northwest. I am now a practicing artist and certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I am also the director of a growing arts ministry at a local church.

I created Project Grief in 2018 with the help of my amazing husband and entrepreneurial brother.

Project Grief is the resource I wish I had many years ago. Project Grief courses are filled with growing-grievers who are learning about themselves and bravely expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Most enrolled students aren't artists; in fact many of them started at the level of stick-figures! And through my courses many have discovered a new love and passion for making art.

It is my hope that through Project Grief courses, each griever will discover that the way to healing after loss isn't found by avoiding grief or constructing a pain-free life. The way out is through!

As each griever learns to embrace the process, let the tears come, and face the blank canvas of their loss, they become more and more like a Grief Artist. Grief artists are people who take the pain of life & transform it into tools and lessons that help them to continually discover a new identity, to love deeper, be more present, and to better work through difficulties as they come. 

Project Grief works with the idea that anyone (not just professional artists) can learn to be a "grief artist".

Are you a grief-artist-in-disguise?

Find out by enrolling in one of my courses below!