Master Your Grief

Use ART to transform your loss into something beautiful - TEN in-depth lessons to help you move forward.

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Master your grief, so your grief doesn't master you.

Grief is a natural response to loss, but if you don't find a way to healthfully express it... it will stay bottled up inside, and try to come out in ways that aren't so helpful.

To "master your grief" means you are:

1.) Learning to express your grief healthfully

2.) Not minimizing your loss or making your grief disappear

3.) Taking control of emotions and thoughts so you are not consumed by them

4.) Discovering a new identity and renewed interest in life (yes, it's possible to find this after loss!).


But beginning to face your grief

can feel just like facing a blank canvas.

Where do you even start?

Master (Your Grief) Course can help you find a way through.

What if you could get helpful, affordable, and accessible support on your own time (even in the midnight hours!), from the comfort of your own home, and use a different, creative approach?

"I would definitely recommend Project Grief to anyone who's experienced grief or loss - if they have the slightest interest at all in art or creative expression."

- Sara, Past student

“This is an amazing process... It's so hopeful to believe that something good can come from such tragedy... I highly recommend!”

- Shari Hall, Biblical Counselor


You'll learn the ABC's of mastering your grief:

A. Get it out. Grief is a natural response to loss, but you also need a healthy way to express it. Otherwise, it will just stay bottled up inside. Art helps you externalize the emotions and thoughts tumbling around in there.

B. Reflect. Once you express what you're feeling, you're now in a place to see it better. You can asks questions of your grief: Why did I portray it like that? What is true? What is within my power to change? What is beyond my control?

C. Transform. Guided prompts help you begin to separate your identity from your loss. You begin to imagine what life can be like, and construct a "new picture" for your future.

Important: Keep practicing your ABC's until you feel better.

Healing after loss (AKA, mastering your grief) takes time.

To find success, you need a long-term plan for healing.


Master (Your Grief) Course is your long-term plan for healing after loss.

Master your grief by learning to express & transform it into something beautiful.

Here's how it works:

Each art project is designed to help you take the next step in processing your grief.

A small glimpse at the beautiful things YOU can learn to make:

Each lesson has a learning & activity time, followed by prompts for personal reflection.

You can make beautiful art projects.

(Don't worry! I'll show you how!)

Follow along with me using written instructions, PDF templates, and high-resolution video. It's important to provide structure to help you begin to create (even if you have no previous art experience!) as well as the freedom to create on your own when you want to!

PLUS: The added bonus of a private Facebook community means that you don't have to go through this alone.


Long-term healing for the greatest value.

1-on-1 Grief Counseling can so helpful (believe me, I know!) but it can also feel intimidating. Often it becomes a financial burden (averaging $150 USD/hour!), one that requires extra time driving to and from appointments.

Master (Your Grief) Course is affordable, and it's accessible any time of day, from the comfort of your own home.

How much time do I need for this course?

Your pacing is completely up to you! You might already know that Grief is a long-term process (though I wish there was a quick fix!). Therefore, the Master (Your Grief) Course is built to support real, long-term healing. I recommend completing no more than one lesson a week. If you do this, you'll complete it in approximately 10 weeks - but longer is fine and totally normal!

What if I'm not an "artist"?"

That's my favorite question! You don't have to be an artist in order to benefit from art as a tool for grief recovery. That's because, unlike fine art (which all about the final product), grief art is all about the process. So if it ends up ugly or messy, great job! Grief is ugly and messy, too.

And if you are artistically inclined, I'm so glad you're here! There is so much potential for growth when you learn to put more and more of your emotions and thoughts into your artwork. This course is for you, too!

Art materials:

In addition to course videos and lessons, you will need some art materials and household items you'll likely have around the house. When you enroll, you'll get a printable shopping list, OR if you'd prefer, you can check out the Amazon list here.

Your Instructor

Danica Thurber
Danica Thurber

"Loss is so hard! I've been there. I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack when I was twelve years old. I know how it feels to want to remember and honor lost loved ones. Grief and art have always been a big part of my life, and I created Project Grief to pass on the techniques, mindsets, and resources I developed to help myself through."

- Danica Thurber

"Grief Artist" & Instructor

Hear from a student: How the course helped Martha with the loss of her son

"I never knew experiencing grief had any positive side to it so I simply ran away from it all the time... I'm beginning to see the good from the loss."

- Past Student, Celebrate Recovery


Master (Your Grief) Course is created to:

  • Help grievers get their grief out (externalize), and learn from (reflect) their thoughts and emotions.
  • Help those who are struggling, find a new identity and life (transform) without the loved one in it.
  • Guide grievers 1+ years following a loss forward on their journey towards hope and healing.

Why 1+ years after a loss?

Grief looks different for everyone, and there's no timeline that says you're "ready to move forward." Most often, in the months and first year following a loss, there are a lot of other pressing concerns, and many people find themselves on "survival mode." That said, grievers who've experienced a loss less than a year ago are more than welcome!

How do I know if I'm "ready" to take this course?

In my experience, 1+ years following a loss is when you begin to actually face the thoughts and emotions surrounding your grief. That's some hard stuff, and that's often when the immediate help you had received after the loss, dwindles.

Got more questions?

Check out the additional FAQs page here.

Learn more about Danica

Explore Why Art Works.


Master your grief, so that your grief doesn't master you.

Get the support you need to truly heal.

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I might not understand your exact loss, but I've have been there, when it feels like life has lost all its color. I understand the need to find a safe space to express your grief, and I'd be honored to walk with you on your grief journey.

- Danica, Project Grief Instructor

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