Just for kids:

Activities to help you find even more encouragement - even when you feel sad at the same time

Did you make the project?

Ask your parents' or caregivers' permission to send a photo of you and your finished project to: [email protected] . Don't forget to tell me who you gave your gift to!

The true story behind the book

Did you know that the author lost her dad and grandma when she was young, too?

Go to the blog to read about what that experience was like for her, and what she did to find encouragement.

Paint your grief

Try this video grief-art activity using only a piece of paper, pencil, (2) colors of paint and (3) Q-tips.

Click here to paint along with the video on You Tube for kids.

Resources for grown-ups:

When kids are grieving, that means the adults in their life probably are, too.

Resources to help you find even more encouragement - even in the midst of loss - are below.

For parents & caregivers: FREE Discussion Guides

Get the most out of the book by using the story to discuss dying, death, and grieving with your child.

Find guides for different ages and circumstances here - print the one that works for you.

More help for those conversations

Based on research and personal experience, I wrote a practical guide for parents and caregivers on talking with a child about the death of a loved one.

Visit my blog to read it.

Express your own grief, creatively

Project Grief is an online school that teaches art as a tool for grief recovery. You'll find a multitude of resources for grown-ups of all skill levels (so no, you don't have to be an artist).

Click here to browse available e-courses.

For Educators: Classroom Activity & Discussion Guide

Keep the encouragement coming

Click here to get the book on Amazon (paid link)

Get both the paperback and e-book versions so that you always have a copy available when your child needs to ask questions or express their grief.

Keep a copy or two on hand for unexpected losses in other families.


Contact the author

Contact me for permission to use my work in venues that go beyond individual use.

I'm also always honored to give interviews, teach art workshops, or speak to a group.

Email details to: [email protected] .