The vital task of embracing PROCESS (+ FREE E-COURSE!)

(How taking the long-term view of grief actually makes it easier for you)

We’re in February now, and about this time is when those passionate New Year’s resolutions start to shift more towards the back burner. By now you’ve realized that magical goal you had in mind takes so much more work, time, and energy, and even costs more than you realized.

We also realize that grief isn’t just “done” in a week of vacation, a month of surviving, or a year of coping. Grief is a long-term journey - a process. If we expect it to be over quickly, we will be very disappointed. But don’t let discouragement steal your goals, dreams, and hopes for the future!

Art is a PROCESS, too. Have you ever watched an artist like Bob Ross on TV? He starts painting and you get engrossed in the movement of his process. It’s as if he sees all the possibilities you can’t see. The end result is astounding to us because the artist has trained his eye to see all the potential of the blank canvas, the hard brushes, and the messy pallete. (Bob Ross paints fairly quickly, but he also developed that particular process of painting over a long period of time and practice!)

The Sistine chapel wasn’t painted in a day. Neither was any other master work in a museum, and neither is the beautiful work-in-progress which is YOU. Process is good, beautiful, messy, frustrating, and long-term. But it’s the process that gets us where we want to go. So instead of fighting it, why not learn to embrace it?

Grief victims are easily frustrated by the long process of grief and want to speed through.

Grief ARTISTS embrace (and dare I say, enjoy!) the fact that life, and especially recovery from grief, is always in-process.

But how do you learn to embrace process? I know I wasn't born with this perspective, either. You don't have to just embrace this abstract idea alone. We believe that putting ideas onto paper is what helps us begin putting change into effect in our lives. Because if a concept like process just stays as an idea in our heads... well, it's just an idea.

Our free e-course explores the ideas behind grief and the way to recovery. But more than that, it will give you tangible help as to how to put those ideas into practice- both in art, and in your life. Check out what FREE Grief Art 101 has to offer:

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What's the best way to begin the PROCESS of healing from grief? It's simple - just start. Our e-course isn't the only way to start, but it's literally made to be a helpful tool to you in this difficult time - why not take advantage of it?

There is hope for healing from grief. Join us online today!

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