Let's get started!

In these 5 projects, our goal is not to get your mind off your grief, but to give you a constructive way to work through it.

Next steps:

1.) Introduce yourself with your name, and (if you feel like it) your favorite fall beverage by typing into the comments section at the end of this page.

2.) Collect all of the supplies you'll need for this course (PDF version of the supplies list is below). Most supplies can be found around the house, or with a quick trip to your neighborhood "big box" store. If you're snowed in, or just feeling house-bound, you can also pick up the whole set of supplies here on my Amazon list.

3.) Print and sign your personal permission slip (PDF below) and place it somewhere you'll see often in these next few weeks.

*If you're completing this course as a family, print one permission slip per person. Sign them together or privately. Note that the kid's version is two pages long.*

Note: the Facebook group mentioned in the video has been discontinued so that I can focus on in-person interactions during Holidays After Loss webinars.

HAL supplies.pdf
PDF Template_Letter to self.pdf
For Kids_Permission Slip.pdf